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Welcome to ATE Systems

ATE Systems is a technology innovator and a premier developer of microwave, RF, and high-speed test systems. Whether your needs involve integrating a rack of commercial instruments, developing custom test hardware, designing test fixturing, or creating novel calibration or error correction schemes, ATE Systems delivers.

How Can We Help You?

  • Do you need to reduce your overall cost of testing?
  • Is the time needed to calibrate your system too long?
  • Do your calibrations need to be repeated because of operator errors
  • Are you finding it difficult to accurately establish a measurement reference plane where you want it, such as on the pins of a surface-mount device?

Contact ATE Systems to discuss how your testing can be done most cost-effectively.

Custom Test Systems

For customers looking for a full turn-key test system, ATE Systems has all of the capabilities to go from a test plan or set of requirements to a working system.


Calibration / Error Correction

The staff of ATE Systems has a proud history of developing novel calibration, error correction, and fixture removal technologies, some of which you may already be using.


Test Fixturing

Test fixtures provide the ability to interface your test instrument to your DUT, but to successfully remove its effects from the measured data, the test fixture requires careful design